RT @ConanOBrien: I wish President Trump would stop calling “Good Friday” “Tremendous Friday, the Greatest Friday you’ve ever seen.”
RT @bobsaget: I think Philadelphia has the best potholes in the United States.
RT @ThatEricAlper: You know what I like about people? Their record collection.
RT @NotJulianEdels: Sources say Richardson tried to run from the police, but he only made it 3 yards... https://t.co/pqtz5QpPLs
Milk milk lemonade, round the corner fudge is made.
I once wrote you love songs, you never fell in love. We used to fit like mittens but never like gloves @frankturner
Retweeting for music friends and so I can take later. https://t.co/Qz0ytDtPzg
For custom orders email Paige at paigecassidy.turnquist@gmail.com Check out the store at: https://t.co/VHwrZaqfHz https://t.co/jep2fMfCry
RIP John Shea. I'll miss you so much, bud. I know you're somewhere screeching with the metal gods.
RT @JasonIsbell: So if you work really hard and get really lucky and your dreams come true, you automatically waive your right to speak your mind? Nonsense.
RT @DeAngeloRB: I always appreciate when you guys and girls send fan mail, but this one really meant a lot! https://t.co/TBK0XSet38
I love you to the moon, but that's where I'm dropping you off. You'll have to find your own way home.
RT @rickygervais: *Not actual size https://t.co/tOzhoim4zx
RT @ThatEricAlper: I'm kinda miss going in and picking up candy and a movie from blockbuster 📼❤️ https://t.co/ltxDjXIPSj
RT @SportBrackets00: Best NFL Team •Sweet 16• RT for Cowboys FAV for Bills https://t.co/go0Cc7aASE
RT @SportBrackets00: Best NFL Team •Sweet 16• RT for Packers FAV for Chargers https://t.co/C6NrTg0rE5
RT @SportBrackets00: Best NFL Team •Sweet 16• RT for Raiders FAV for Steelers https://t.co/d5jeuIJsEg
"If you know what I mean" Gronk https://t.co/ztOEiicPZm
RT @AndyRichter: When you say you like country music do you mean you like country music or '80's corporate rock w a cowboy hat on it?
RT @JimmyKimmelLive: Every #Halloween we take 1/2 of one costume & 1/2 of another to form one. Can you guess what this is? Our… https://t.co/Lw72fIAAzu
RT @StephenKing: My newest horror story: Once upon a time there was a man named Donald Trump, and he ran for president. Some people wanted him to win.
I started drinking shots of vinegar to combat acid reflux. You could say I'm literally full of piss and vinegar.
More reality TV star bullshit. https://t.co/QyYBXoPmx8
RT @hurricane_no1: Bed Ridden with cancer 2013- and on stage 2016 recovered! What a BIG change! I should be dead but RocknRoll needs m… https://t.co/PNgvc06slP
Why do i always want to say "Twitter" with a British accent?
Trying to be a responsible adult is exhausting. Why does it have to be so hard for me?
You know damn well Al Green ain't still with that girl. #letsstaytogether #relationshiplies
"Siri, nearest exorcist"
RT @jackellyreed: This is by far the best documentary made on Marc Bolan. Well worth buying the dvd. :) #MarcBolan #TRex #legend https://t.co/rS3x3krlDX
RT @NME: .@NoelGallagher's 20 best quotes https://t.co/qEb4x9ACZp https://t.co/TMC5CS0DYX
RT @benchten: Will I vote for the Democratic nominee? Hell yes, what kind of lunatic wouldn't? But I will never forgive the DNC this election. A disgrace.
RIP that robot https://t.co/NRciPs5TIA
RT @JoeWalsh: Rather than boycott North Carolina I decided to play & donate my proceeds to @equalitync & @ACLU_NC to fight HB2 https://t.co/v4dJpmZvno
RT @uncutmagazine: Terry Reid interviewed: 'Superlungs' on Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, Jagger and Richards and more https://t.co/O7tHFQlcGl https://t.co/melCyjQgXv
RT @nprmusic: Did @vanmorrison make the rock era's greatest live album? @matoswk75 makes the case. https://t.co/Qe5ersGlrQ https://t.co/QKPfFw9ouE
I've put up a new song on my ReverbNation page. "Just To Be Someone" https://t.co/HSd5qefdko
RT @LastWeekTonight: Last Week Tonight is proudly sponsored by the radio! The radio: Where your mom hears the song she likes but can’t remember the name of!
Rogues Gallery Bar is kicking tonight.
I'm changing my name to Paul Quinoa. It's so meta.
I had a huge portion of pot roast for dinner. Should I take a dump or watch Katy Perry? #SuperBowl
How did esurance get Heisenberg And Lindsay Lohan? #Heisenberg #LindsayLohan
We're always warned about the "end of days". No one ever mentions weeks or months.
I just saw @andrewzimmern eat the ass of a crawfish while it was still alive.
From the bottom of my heart to the top of the mountain, thank you Bobby Keys and Ian McLagan for all the great music.
Holy crap, where has @michaelkiwanuka been all my life? It's like Bill Withers sat in on the Van Morrison "Astral Weeks" studio session.
I think I dig Nada Surf. I always avoided them cause of that "Popular" song.
Does Jack White get payed ever time "Seven Nation Army" is played at a sporting event?
Check this out from Loose Music - http://t.co/uCg1qiNIiB
Nirvana and Charles Barkley? There are some weird ass pics on the internet. http://t.co/gjQGwXlZri
This song cracks me up http://t.co/ZNviqtqLe6
Tonight at Baggataway Tavern in Conshy. Duo. 8-12
"The Way We Move" by fellow Philly-area band @LanghorneSlim is the song in the Indy 500 Commercial.
Listening to an amazing country album with an awesome rendition of #longwhiteline by @SturgillSimpson !
In the studio recording my SOLO debut album "What I'm Under".