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"What I'm Under' By Paul Keen - Coming December 6, 2014!

Being the lead singer of Pawnshop Roses for 10 years, Paul Keen was known for his awesome Rock n' Roll shows that drove crowds into a frenzy, and with his songwriting spanning nearly every genre, the sound could only be described as "rock-n-roll outlaw country soul".  But with his debut solo album "What I'm Under", Paul ventures into his own version of "Americana" with a twist of "Brit-rock-n-country" with some of the catchiest tunes and melodies you'll ever hear.  Fans of Pawnshop Roses definitely won't be surprised as they often heard Paul polishing this sound with a few songs every show...songs that often caught the crowd off-guard, but always left them wanting more.  Now, "What I'm Under" is their chance to hear more.

"What I'm Under" was produced and engineered by the very talented Pete Donnelly (The Figgs, NRBQ, Soul Asylum) who also plays on many of the songs, and is scheduled for a December 6, 2014 release!

How does Paul explain "What I'm Under"?   

          "Well, everyone is under something.  Don't understand?  Well, most people feel they are misunderstood.  Some are under pressure.  Under stress.  Under a pile of bills.  Under the influence.  Underpaid.  Under-appreciated.  But don't worry, because under everything, we're all basically the same....This is What I'm Under."    

                                                                                                                                                - Paul Keen